Call For Entry!

Dear followers, friends & participants of “Mut zur Wut“ 2019!


Mut zur Wut will celebrate its 10th edition this year! Yay!
From February 15th, up until the 15th of April, you can upload your posters to the international competitions website:!

And as every year we hope to receive many great submissions, from many beautiful places and wonderful people.

For the 10th time now our international contest is giving creatives around the globe a chance to express an unfiltered and uncensored visual opinion, by creating critical, social, political, and personal content.
The festival aims to raise awareness for global and social issues, while breaking with geographical and ideological boundaries. By holding an exhibition that is displayed publicly, we want to create an encouragement to be brave and to provoke attention.

We believe that everyone must have the right to freely express their opinion, to vent their feelings of rage, when human rights are abused by violence, tyranny, racism, terrorism, religious fanaticism or oppression. Sadly, the fundamental right of free speech remains a privilege – and we continue to receive a steady influx of over 2500 submissions per year, reaching us from over 54 nations.

The contest’s process for submission is completely free of charge and uncomplicated for the creators. Your posters can simply be uploaded onto the contest’s website: And to further simplify participation for creatives, especially from censored countries, we do not require expensive prints, complicated packaging and mailing fees.
The 30 most striking submissions will be displayed from July 15th until August 30th 2019 in public space and areas in different cities as well as in multiple exhibitions.

NEW: This year all the posters have to be uploaded by the 15th of April 2019 on

The selection will be made from 3rd to 5th of May 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany.


Design 2019:

Studio Mut designed the poster for this year’s edition, using all of the 9 posters designed before — by unbelievably great designers.

We hope once again you like it.

Good Luck and all the best!
Your “Mut zur Wut” Team