Well, you don´t look autistic!


at my graphic design graduation ceremony


Well, you heard about autism. You heard a lot of bad things, they are not true. The whole topic is quite far too superficial presented in society. That is easy, and you are done. Do you think you know me? Do you think you are an expert of someones behavior? Do you see inside the people? You already made an opinion of who they are?! Nice for you. But you will never find the truth.  You think they don´t speak? But you have to have the willingness to listen. And believe me, they have a lot to tell. So am I.

The problem, I´m an high expert in masking. Do you ever heard of masking in autism? Do you ever heard how hard it is? Because you lose your true self? You see me smiling. Well you think I´m fine. Superficial again. So as I said, you can´t look inside. What are my traumatic experiences in the past. Did I tell you, do you know? You can´t look in someone´s head, in their battered soul. Sorry, you walk the easy way. An harmless but boring way. And so you will never discover the beauty of diversity, that would bring us all further in life. You can think about it. I hope you do! Not for me, but for yourself.


Autism Video of the day!


I love Gang of Youths and I love this song