Back to the autism topic!


I just found this documentation on YouTube.  And I´m truly recommend this to everyone who is interested to know more about autism from the inside of a person within this condition! Chris Packham is a lovely guy, and he is wellknown in Britain. He was also diagnosed late in his live, in his fourties, after he felt in a deep depression. He went to an psychologist, and later than he was told he have Aspergers. So watch this, because this is really informative and good!


Chris Packham:   Asperger´s and Me



And at the end, one of my obsessions, music again! My fave song and music video at the moment is from The Strokes, and the title is: At the door. I´m not that Strokes fan, but this song is great as so this animation. This song is very different for The Strokes and the first one of the upcoming  album, the New Abnormal. It´s this special feeling I get from this song. There are this dark lyrics, where I can realy feel the sadness, and the loneliness. And there is this voice and this retro melody which gives me this strong soothing feeling on the other hand. So for me, this song and the video give me a very complex feeling which I deeply enjoy. And in this restless times a special meaning!

At the door from The Strokes