The insatiable wanderlust


When you really can´t go anywhere far, the memories come back. Here are some pictures of my Hurtigruten winter trip from 2014. Which I have seen lots of northern lights in the Norwegian night sky. Very much the most impressive thing I have ever seen. And certainly never forget.




I got into the band Death Cab for Cutie as far as I can remember through the O.C. California, which I loved to watch back then. This series really had excellent music. Including this band. And if I'm not mistaken, Seth Cohen also had a poster on the wall of this band.

Northern Lights from Death Cab for Cutie





Poetry comes the way today!


The Storm

There is this proverbial calm before the storm!
This oppressive premonition, that something huge will roll towards you.
Still undefined but unstoppable.
Restlessness and fear seize my body.
The future is too uncertain.
But it’s too late to run away.

I freeze for quite a while.
Billions of thoughts pave their way through my head.
All at the same time.
A thunder in the distance.
I feel the wind is getting stronger.
I stand firm.
What should I do?

It will get massive, I’m sure of that.
I walk a little and look into the distance.
Quite far away.
The sky is darkening.
But there, oh see, suddenly for a second, it becomes very bright.
A flash of lightning illuminates this and my world.
Wonderful and threatening at the same time.
A deep rumble heralded this poignant spectacle.

I go a little further.
I’m getting calmer.
There is life out there.
And there is life in me, that is
just raging inside.
Just as it is before my eyes.

A drop of water on my forehead.
Another one on my nose.
I feel it, there is a connection.
Now Heaven opens its gates uncontrollably.
Everything around me is flooding.
I’m soaking wet within seconds.
I don’t mind, I do not today.

I feel, I really feel.
I am one with nature.
She lives, she challenges me.
She calmed me down, finally.

It’s there and it’s real.
I am there and I am alive.
I rave, I’m loud, I can be loud.
I get quiet
I’m very calm.
And I will find peace.


I just wrote this, and I should this do fare more often again.  And some day, I do a book of poems,  for everybody to read. Well, everybody who has the affinity, too. That would be a dream come true. And I dream today, for a better world, for kindness,  for the purity of soul and for love.



The – Mut zur Wut – Competition


I have joined the – Mut zur Wut – poster competition this year for the third time. And 3230 posters were submitted. 100 of them were now chosen from a jury. None of them from mine. Well, I didn’t win again. I am still sad, of course, I just found out yesterday. But I´m also proud of my work. Because the three posters turned out pretty good. And to have managed all of this in my free time alongside my full-time job and external circumstances that weren’t exactly helpful. The Victim poster in particular, is certainly quite blatant and exaggerated, but the competition ultimately means having the courage to be angry. And as I mean, to show what´s going wrong. So I did. Like it or not.






The Victim


The Scream

Wallow in memories


It’s been a long time. And it´s been a while I wrote here.

I have fond memories of the SWR3 Travis Hautnah concert for which I won tickets that time. It was on May 10, 2007, I was one of lucky hundred radio listeners who had the chance to get real close to this band. I always liked them, especially their second album – The Man Who – from 1999. So it was for sure a very special evening and I will never forget.



Driftwood from Travis ; probably my favorite song from them

Mind journeys




So, I am equipped for a little thought travel from home!

In any case, it is based on the unusual changing circumstances, and so important to free oneself in mind.

I’ve got myself an Idles shirt from the new album collection – Ultra Mono – , and I enjoy listening to this album too. I do letting my anger out now album. I like it, and it pushes pretty nice.

And I got the book from 1bike1world. Nala and Dean have been with me since last year, and I love to follow them on YouTube. There journey and camaraderie, is such an positiv and heartwarming story. And so I can see in the many comments, very much needed in this times. This is for sure the main reason there are already listed on top of the most selling books right now.

And for me, they matches two things I really love: Cats and travelling.



Idles – WAR –  …………..please take cover!