Mind journeys




So, I am equipped for a little thought travel from home!

In any case, it is based on the unusual changing circumstances, and so important to free oneself in mind.

I’ve got myself an Idles shirt from the new album collection – Ultra Mono – , and I enjoy listening to this album too. I do letting my anger out now album. I like it, and it pushes pretty nice.

And I got the book from 1bike1world. Nala and Dean have been with me since last year, and I love to follow them on YouTube. There journey and camaraderie, is such an positiv and heartwarming story. And so I can see in the many comments, very much needed in this times. This is for sure the main reason there are already listed on top of the most selling books right now.

And for me, they matches two things I really love: Cats and travelling.



Idles – WAR –  …………..please take cover!