Go looking for the lost girls!


Today´s lesson: creative writing!

I would have been loving this! I watched this video below, and it causes so many emotions from the past, sadly! First I have to say, what an innovative school! And this should be so much more often, not only for autistic people! I wished I had someone who had the understanding, open eyes and heart at that time! So that is what happened at the age of nearly 40, I found out, that I´m on the spectrum too! And believe me, that´s no picnic by any means! And to all out there who laughed at me, hated me, bullied me, did not believe in me, marginalized me, ignored me, insulted me…. Thank you for teaching me, that I could never be, and want to be like this! Yes, this words are harsh, but the world is harsh out there every day!

Now I´m realizing slowly that all my acting, all my thinking is relating to this…. I wished I had a school like this at this age. The fact is, we are so so far behind with all in autism research and implementation, especially for autistic girls and women. 

Have a look at this special school in the U.K.

And I ask you, do they act anti-social and without empathy? I would say no! I still hear and see this prejudice exists, and this must change! 


Incineration must take place!
Tolerance must take place!
Love for the different must take place! 
Change must take place!


And you want it more emotional…! Watch this till the end!                                             # Because sometimes, your dream can become true!