The National in Stuttgart



It was memorable!

Watch the end of the concert, with the song – Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks-



All the very best of us

String ourselves up for love

Oh, they are back!




The Futureheads sind zurück mit einem neuen Album! Oh, Freude schönes Ohrmuschel Gerunkel! Nach sieben Jahren Stille, sind sie zurück mit Powers ihrem Aufschrei hinaus in die Ferne! Ich fand ihre Musik, ihren durchaus abhebenden Stil immer interessant, und ziemlich frech vor allem. Sie sind frisch und echt cool! Wirklich bekannt wurden sie nie, und so arbeitet jeder von ihnen hauptberuflich in einem ganz gewöhnlichen Job z.B. als Lehrer. Ich bin jedenfalls entzückt wieder mal etwas von ihnen zu hören, und hoffe natürlich auf eine kleine Tour in Deutschland! Irgendwann, bald. Come on, please………………

Powers is the band’s strongest effort since its debut. Turning nervous energy into loud, paranoid tantrums of sound, The Futureheads are both on their way and truly back. RIFF magazine


At their beginning in 2004

Excellent – Hounds of Love – Cover

The Beginning of the Twist

Rant the A Capella Album

A new one from Powers, with their special A-cappella sound 



Video Fundgrube


Michael Stipe hatte lange Haare, Bill Berry saß noch an den Drums, und das Publikum war noch nicht mit Smartphones überflutet!

Was für herrliche Zeiten der Musikgeschichte!


Sitting Still



This was filmed less than two months after “Chronic Town” was released on I.R.S. and it’s an outstanding document. It is also the earliest known professionally show footage of an R.E.M. show. Filmed 10th October 1982.




New song from Idles & New album from The National



A good day for music!!!

This new released song, from the band Idles, is so damn good!



Forgive my crippled head

Our revolution’s dead


And I´m so fine, that I already saw them live, in 2017! Once again in the Karltorbahnhof in Heidelberg. And that was so very intimate at this small location. Well, I could even shout into the guitarist´s microphone because he mingled with the audience!

And I was so very much into the music! I think, that is also a good autistic thing, you can fall so much into, you feel it so very much! And that´s how it looked then, Me, the crazy rabbit! 



The new album from the National is out today, and they will play in Stuttgart in December. That are good news, that makes me happy!

If you wanna be alone, come with me



And last but not least…this for me the crazy dancing rabbit! Yes!



Miss Roboto says Goodbye to 2018!


Yes, music again…and one of my all time favorites! 

I’ve got a secret I’ve been hiding under my skin
My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.
So if you see me acting strangely, don’t be surprised
I’m just a man who needed someone, and somewhere to hide


Looking forward for the 13th Doctor!

We all change, when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives and that’s okay, that’s good you’ve got to keep moving so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.”
The Eleventh Doctor, The Time of The Doctor

One week to go!
And I´m very excited, and it doesn´t matter if it´s a woman or not!
And yet, it is an important change, and I like this! 


Glorious von Macklemore


Joy as an Act of Resistance.

Joy as an Act of Resistance is a parade.


It’s a parade of laughing at the funeral, of listening to the bastards, of phlegm on the mirror.
It’s a parade of my Grandfather’s wit, it is all the shit haircuts I’ve ever had.
It is a parade of naivety, of a warm embrace, it is Young Thug’s dress.
It’s the parade of being carried through the grim dark.
It’s a parade of laughing at yourself. It is love. It is loving yourself.
It is a parade of Tony Benn’s smile.
It is Idles, for now. It’s the beautiful smell of immigrant food.
It is a parade of vulnerability. It is Ilie Nastase
It’s a parade of being at your worst. It is our best, for now.
It is our thank you. It is our sorry.
It is a parade without fluff
but with a tonne of glitter and violence.
It is a parade of what I truly miss and what I truly have.
It is a parade of the second album. It is us cutting it’s fucking head off.
It is a parade of joy in the face of all we don’t want and all we fear.
It is a parade of you.

Thank You.
Joe Talbot, IDLES

The Beat of the day !

Solche Dinge entdeckt man eigentlich fast nur, wenn man einen irischen Radiosender hört, in diesem Fall 8 Radio. com, Dublin!

R.S.A.G steht für   Rarely Seen Above Ground   das heisst auf deutsch: selten oberirdisch gesehen, und das ist ein schöner Bandname wie ich finde!  Dahinter steht ein junger Mann aus Irland namens   Jeremy Hickey.   Hickey spielt ausgesprochen gut Schlagzeug, und wird zu einem der führenden Drummer Europas gezählt!

Mein derzeitiges Lieblingslied :  Meet you there

Influences and comparisons have included Talking Heads & Joy Division (post punk) and Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin with a new flavour of Dub Step rhythms (electronica).

R.S.A.G. is rumoured to be “one of the most innovative and astonishing Irish musicians around”. He came 13th in a list of “The 50 Best Irish Acts Right Now” published by The Irish Times.