Tradition and Deceleration

Cornish Wind

There is a wind in Cornwall that I know 
From any other wind, because it smells 
Of the warm honey breath of heather-bells 
And of the sea’s salt; and these meet and flow 
With such sweet savour in such sharpness met 
That the astonished sense in ecstasy 
Tastes the ripe earth and the unvintaged sea. 
Wind out of Cornwall, wind, if I forget : 
Not in the tunnelled Streets where scarce men breathe 
The air they live by, but wherever seas 
Blossom in foam, wherever merchant bees 
Volubly traffic upon any heath: 
If I forget, shame me! or if I find 
A wind in England like my Cornish wind.

by Arthur Symons


A little impression from my journey to Newquay!

Nice to be back here again!


Porth, and Porth Beach 


# Favorite Places!


 Newquay Harbour


Newquay City Center


Full English…well without the special sausages you get here


Where Boardmasters Festival takes place


Fistral Beach 


Bowls is a traditional British game


The Royal Wedding, watching together in a church.  

Yes, this looks more like a pub!


After the wedding, we had a little garden party


Outside the church


Towan, Great Western and Tolcarne Beach


Traditional Cream Tea


 Porth beach and the Mermaid Inn Pub


Sunset…and time to say Goodbye!