New song from Idles & New album from The National



A good day for music!!!

This new released song, from the band Idles, is so damn good!



Forgive my crippled head

Our revolution’s dead


And I´m so fine, that I already saw them live, in 2017! Once again in the Karltorbahnhof in Heidelberg. And that was so very intimate at this small location. Well, I could even shout into the guitarist´s microphone because he mingled with the audience!

And I was so very much into the music! I think, that is also a good autistic thing, you can fall so much into, you feel it so very much! And that´s how it looked then, Me, the crazy rabbit! 



The new album from the National is out today, and they will play in Stuttgart in December. That are good news, that makes me happy!

If you wanna be alone, come with me



And last but not least…this for me the crazy dancing rabbit! Yes!



Meine Mut zur Wut Beiträge



Ich habe diese Jahr wieder am Wettbewerb teilgenommen, und wie ich inzwischen weiss, bin ich auch dieses mal nicht unter den Auserwählten! 3120 Poster von 1520 Teilnehmern aus 66 Ländern! 30 davon wurden ausgewählt die wieder gedruckt werden weitere 70 gehen mit auf Ausstellung. 



We are watching you




The Brexit Maze


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