Faro di Punta Carena Lighthouse, Capri


I almost had forgotten how good the band Enter Shikari really is. And yes, it is true, how you can see in their modified live versions of new and old songs. I love them for a long time now. And of course the political and social lyrics are outstanding in the music bussiness. I have to say, Man I like that voice! Long live diversity in music, in life and in general. That´s it, few words, one picture (taken by myself at a one week sailing turn years ago) but a lot of meaning! Mainly for myself and that is quite good how it is.

And who knows about the triangle connection in the photograph….well….


A private performance for eight Kerrang!

Live at Paste Studios NY

Arguing with thermometers

The Sweater still exists, and the journey goes on, Nice   : D